Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
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Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
restyle old fur coat
Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
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repurpose fur coat
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Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service
fur coat redesign

Restyle Your Fur Coat - Unique Service

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Our exclusive restyle service!


Have you inherited a fur coat from your aunt or grandmother and it’s not quite fashionable enough? Or your own old coat just doesn’t fit well anymore, and needs a new look?

Try our exclusive refurbishment service on your old fur coat! Our master furriers will restyle that pre-loved fur that is sitting in your closet and remodel vintage fur into something modern, exciting, fashionable and comfortable.

✅We offer several remodeling OPTIONS:

1. Restyling into a classic design.
2. Restyling into a diagonal alignment design.
3. Restyling into a into a horizontal alignment design.
4. Restyling into a bomber jacket.
5. Restyling into a black jacket.
6. Restyling into a fur vest.
7. Use fur for a raincoat lining.
8. Restyling into classic design and adding new fur (pelts are paid for separately).
9. Restyling into transformer 2in1 fur vest with detachable leather sleeves.
10. Shorter design with hood.

Or we can always adjust to your suggestions!

👜🧤🧣 Besides that, for a small additional cost we can also repurpose coat materials into scarves, hats, earmuffs, headbands, Teddy Bears, and home accessories such as a pillows, ...


Our family studio is located in Ukraine.
We work with a reliable delivery service. Average cost for the USA is $30-50 and is on charge of the customer.


1. Send us photos of your fur coat (if possible, to have someone model the garment as it is much easier for us to see the garmet. Please make sure your pictures are bright and clear).
2. Select the design you would like your coat to be restyled into.
3. Send us your detailed body measurements (we will share instructions on how to take them).
4. Send the fur coat to the American shipping company with whom we cooperate.
5. Pay the invoice for the fur coat.
6. We will receive your fur coat and examine it. If everything is ok, you will pay for your order at Etsy (including return shipping costs) and we will get to work.
7. We will send you photos of the new fur coat within two weeks after receiving payment.
8. We will send your new coat with DHL Express inclusive insurance.

🌍 We support sustainable fashion and rational reuse of our planet’s resources. Recycling and upcycling will allow your favorite reconditioned furs to serve you for a long time! Remember that natural fur is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.

👌Please before sending make sure that the fur is not shedding and is in good condition. Master furriers in your city can help determine it. You can always send us video by Whatsapp.

Upcycle your coat so that you will love your fur again!

All orders are hand crafted by our expert furriers.

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